There’s something pleasing about the smell of the earth, freshly cut grass. The beauty of harvest-ready crops swaying under the golden sun. The grains, one by one, making music on the grinding stone giving out an appestising scent, the winnowing blows the husk in the wind and the satisfying sight of opulent heaps of fresh staples. The choicest of grain, lentils, flours and spices


We bring you the finest of regional rice from across India through its brand OMSOM Rice. Be it from any region of India, Surti kolam, Wada kolam, Iddli rice, Matta rice, Ambhemohar(Govind bhog), Sona masoori rice, Parimal rice, etc. you name it and we have it. Our OMSOM rice brand is carefully cultivated, harvested and packaged in-house assuring you 100% “Goodness of quality products in every home”.


Cradled by the pristine spring waters of the Himalayas, it teaches the grain to be humble, to stay honest. Go ahead, take a whiff. The aroma still might be reminiscent of the foothills where the Sutlej finds the way to its roots. It stays there, long enough to nature its signature length and its softness. The grain grows, pure as white, to be a feast foe your eyes as well. And the flavor, simmering in steam with its faint yet delectable fragrance, makes you relish it even before you test it. So when it is finally served, you can learn to appreciate it. Seldom, does a grain of rice tell a story. This one lets you experience it.


Nature’s one of the finest products draws the unique aroma and the taste from the special spoil & climate condition found only in the mighty and misty land. This is where the story of the bag of Lal Qilla traditional basmati rice begins. Our trained Professional observe cultivation to suggest quality improvement methods, right from the seed quality up gradation to the unique application of crop protection techniques. Then the experts move to the big markets to the select the finest grains available, ensuring the each cooked grain extends 3 times more at its actual size so as to give you taste of real basmati rice with an exquisite delicate texture, flavor and aroma for which Lal Qilla traditional basmati rice is famous throughout the world.


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