Our Story

Our Group’s story starts way back during the time of British India when our great grandfather Late Mr. Somnath Murgai started a business in 1916 in Gurdaspur, Punjab. At that time the business dealt with trading various food-based commodities primarily wheat & Sugar. As Business flourished, his son Late Mr.Omprakash Murgai joined the business and In 1940, he moved his business to Lahore than in India to explore more business opportunities. Then following the partition in 1947, Late Mr. Omprakash Murgai migrated to Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh then sugar hub of India. There he set up a business, trading in sugar and other commodities. After a successful stint there, in 1950, he traveled to Mumbai – the city of dreams and fell in love with the city so much that he decided to move out here. He shifted his business to Mumbai and his son Mr. Chanderkumar Murgai joined the business in 1969. It was under Mr. Chanderkumar Murgai’s supervision that the Group continuing scaling new heights. During those days, inter-state commodity distribution was prohibited but the ban was lifted in the year 1977 and our company started inter-state commodity transactions of Basmati rice. With the start of the new millennium in 2000, his elder son Mr. Mohit C Murgai joined the Group and through his new business insights & expertise, the business flourished to new boundaries in bulk and branded packaged foods distribution worldwide.After few years, Mr. Chanderkumar’s younger son Mr. Amol C Murgai entered the business in 2005 and took charge of the Group’s national business. His dynamic approach and fine leadership helped the Group expand its national operations rapidly. At present, Mr. Mohit C Murgai & Mr. Amol C Murgai both handle the Group’s various business verticals under the able guidance of Mr. Chanderkumar Murgai.

Today, with an increasing demand for quality Indian food products, the Group is a fast growing Agro-based Food Company that manufactures and distributes branded and non-branded products across channels. The Group has 19,000+ clients in India and across other continents too, which include a growing network of Importers & Exporters, Govt. Organizations, MNCs, Global Traders, International Indentors, Brokers, Distributors, Chain of Hypermarkets, Supermarts, Medium & Small Retailers, Chain of Star Hotels, Restaurants and Large Catering Kitchens.

Especially, with the introduction of our homemade brand OMSOM & MALL ROAD has set us apart as an international Agro-based Food Company in the minds of our global customer base across USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Middle East, GCC, South Asia, South East Asia & many more countries . And recently, all these quality brands have been introduced to consumers Pan-India.